Hoofbeats Loses A Hero And A Champion

Posted By Hoofbeats on Aug 22, 2018 |

The entire community of Hoofbeats is deeply saddened to share that we have lost a hero and a champion.

Blueberry was peacefully laid to rest on August 19, 2018 at the home of Tenney and Alan where Blueberry had grown and where he had been retired and having fun for 2 great years. Blueberry had served as therapeutic mount for Hoofbeats for over 11 years providing thousands of lessons and thousands of smiles.

We thank you for cheering Blueberry on to greatness as he helped makethe world a better place.We thank you for celebrating his beautiful life and all that he gave to this world.

Tenney wishes to share this memorial with you in honor of beloved Blueberry and thanks you for holding him close in your hearts:

You were a bright hero to thousands.
You were a partner, a soldier, a friend, a clown.
You were just a 6 months old baby when we found each other. You told me then you had a destiny and I would help guide you.
You wanted to make the world a better place and for 25 years you did.
Your gifts were many.
You were brave and strong. You helped people be brave and strong too.
You helped people walk who can’t walk.
You helped people run who can’t run.
You helped people smile and dance when they are sad.
You soldiered through your own many health challenges with a brave heart to your final day.
You have our forever love Blueberry. You were our hero on earth and you are our hero in heaven.
Thank you for your beautiful and meaningful life and sharing your gifts with the world.

Tenney and all your Hoofbeats Family