ACTHA Trail Rides A Big Hit!

Posted By Hoofbeats on Oct 7, 2010 |

Tenney Mudge is a Hoofbeats Board Member, the real mother of Hoofbeats Therapy Horse, Blueberry, and the mastermind behind the wildly successful fund raiser, THE VIRGINIA STATE COMPETITIVE TRAIL CHALLENGE.  This event is a part of the American Competitive Trail Horse Association which promotes trail horses and events to celebrate them all over the United States.  Tenney’s rides were held at the Virginia Horse Center on June 25 and October 15th of this year as a benefit to support Hoofbeats.  These rides cover 6 miles of trails with challenging judged obsticles along the way.  The rides are beautifully marked and carefully thought out along with the huge efforts in Hospitality that are charmingly Tenney all the way.  ACTHA has recognized this ride for excellence giving it a 5 star rating!  It takes a ton of people to put on this event from the judges, trail makers, food servers and set up crews!  Thank you to everyone who had a part in it!  Special thanks go to The Virginia Horse Center, Good Eats Cafe and Catering, and the army of volunteers that help Tenney do this magnificant thing!