It’s Winter… What is Hoofbeats Up to?

Posted By Hoofbeats on Dec 6, 2014 |

It’s winter at the barn, and that means a season of recovery and preparation. The last Hoofbeats 2014 riding session ended in October with the Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia (TRAV) show. Lessons will start back in March 2015 with a training session for Special Olympics in April and continue through the summer.

So what does a winter season look like at Hoofbeats? What is the team up to? The barn is a little emptier and a little quieter, with the horses taking a well-deserved rest, but there is just as much hard work going on. Almost half of the horses have gone to a different stable for the winter. At Hoofbeats, it’s a small group — just Blueberry, BoLodato, Spirit, Henry, and Harry hanging out. Carol and Maria are busy preparing for the next season,  organizing paperwork and equipment, and working on the facilities. A few volunteers have been working on projects around the barn and office as well, making some updates and putting up new decorations.

So come check it out! Winter is a great time for recruiting new volunteers, making donations, and strengthening relationships. Every year, hours of work and tons of energy builds each riding session. Hoofbeats is so excited for the Spring 2015 session and we are busy getting ready! It will come faster than you think.

So stay in touch! And check out the volunteer forms on our website if you’re interested or know somebody who is.

By Jinae Kennedy

photo 3

These new decorations by Katie, one of our volunteers, who is blessing us with her professional design skills. Pretty awesome!

photo 1

Blueberry says that it’s pretty cold and soggy out here! Spring come soon!

photo 2

Didemus says he needs a little recuperation too…

Hoofbeats! Come on in!

Hoofbeats! Come on in!