Justin Time Paints with a Purpose

Posted By Hoofbeats on Jun 5, 2015 |

A very special art exhibition will be on display at the Rockbridge Regional Library for the month of June. The artist, Justin Time, is a 20-year-old Arabian horse who paints with a brush held in his teeth. The canvases in the library are for sale and all proceeds from his work will go to Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center. 
Justin’s story of rescue and rehabilitation is a familiar one at Hoofbeats.  In March of 2011, Brook Hill Horse Rescue and Montgomery County Animal Control responded to a repeated report of animal abuse. They rescued a 16-year-old Arabian gelding suffering from starvation and accelerated skin rot.
Just a few months later, this horse found a new name and a forever home in Lexington. He was adopted by an extraordinarily loving family and transformed into a healthy riding horse and an award-winning painter. After his rescue and rehabilitation, he now spends comfortable days grazing, giving rides across the countryside, and painting for a good cause.
 Justin Time’s mission is to help people with special needs – whether physical, emotional, or mental – find healing by riding very special horses. All proceeds from his paintings benefit this mission. His work will be displayed for sale in the Rockbridge Regional Library for the whole month of June. For more information please contact Hoofbeats Volunteer Jennifer Humphrey at jenniferwhumphrey@gmail.com or by phone at 540-817-1893.
By Jinae Kennedy