Special Olympics

Posted By Hoofbeats on Jun 18, 2015 |


Thank you to all of our riders, horses, volunteers, family and friends who made this year’s Special Olympics a true success.

Last Saturday, the riders competed at the Hoofbeats Center rather than at the Va. Horse Center Complex, as in years past. The athletes came from all over Rockbridge County, southern Virginia, and even West Virginia.

Despite 90-degree weather, the riders breezed through their equitation, dressage, trail, and musical classes, laughing and encouraging one another.

This year, the show was held in the summer session and not in conjunction with VMI, which usually sends cadet volunteers in uniform. But three VMI students in Lexington taking summer classes still came out to volunteer and spend time with our riders.

After a successful show, the riders and families crowded into the Center’s living room to celebrate with an awards ceremony, ice cream social, and impromptu dance party.

Congratulations to all our champions!

By B. Jinae Kennedy

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